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Society is never more surprised
than by a new display of common sense.
~ George Bernard Shaw.

Raw food is simply the best thing I have found for increasing energy, stamina, feelings of good health & vitality, peace of mind and clarity of vision and purpose. Just as it detoxes the body, it also detoxes the emotions, our lives and relationships.


And so I believe it helps us go forward and detox our world and our relationship with it and all life forms on it. Not bad for something you just put in your mouth! Not bad, to think you can eat your way there!

Rawfood is just that, uncooked, fresh as possible, preferably organic, even better live food (sprouts or food that is picked and eaten within two hours). Mostly fresh, sometimes dehydrated at low temperatures, occasionally frozen.

As a rawfood naturopath and nutritionist I simply want to make as many people aware of rawfood as possible. I say the more rawfood people choose to eat, the better for their health. Unfortunately our modern day medical system seldom looks at food intake as a direct cause of the epidemic of diet related disease we are experiencing? Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease even osteoporosis and arthritis are largely a result of diet. In addition, a leap is also made at the time of treatment of these diseases. Either the assumption is made that they are irreversible or that the patient would not be prepared to alter their diet and lifestyle to, in many cases, completely reverse the disease. Either way, the assumption is very wrong!

Certainly, some may not wish to alter their eating patterns or lifestyle, this is a personal choice we should all be allowed to make but sadly few are made aware of the choice. The legal cornerstone of our medical system “informed consent” is somehow sadly missing.

People ask me, “So as a rawfooder, what do you eat?” I say the best food I ever tasted! I teach rawfood classes both beginners (all the nutritional information) and a fun, hands on gourmet rawfood classes.

Raw Food Book & DVD!

My book, "raw food reawakening" has chapters on how to help through detox, both physical and emotional. How to practice good food combining. How to follow a low salicylate diet through raw detox.

A raw vegan essential nutrients food list. How to avoid cravings on raw and much more.

I have also released a DVD "rejuvenate with raw", which was made during a lecture by me - and also includes a few rawfood recipes to help get you started.

Your health is in your hands, it’s time to take back the power.

Welcome to my (rawfood) world!
It’s a very nice place to be :)

Rawfood Karen

“I’m not supposed to tell you this. It’s supposed to be a professional secret but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctor’s cure nothing. We merely help and encourage the doctor inside.”
Albert Schweitzer

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